SOMALILAND REPUBLIC, MINISTRY OF INTERIOR PARTNERSHIP WITH UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT- Title of Position: Technical Consultant- Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer

  1. General Information:

Title of Position:          Technical Consultant- Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer

Type of Contract & Grade       Technical consultant-B2

Beneficiary Institution:            Ministry of Interior-Somaliland Republic

Duty Station/Location:            Hargeisa (Ministry of Interior) Somaliland Republic

Stream/Band:   UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT (Local Development Fund)

Duration of Assignment: 12 months with possibility of extension based on performance

Deadline for Applications:  03th  November,  2018

Supervisor:  Director General, Ministry of Interior

  1. Background of the assignment:

The UN Joint Program on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery and Local Investment for Transformation Projects (JPLG/LIFT), Phase III is a 5-year program implemented by ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF. The Program is aligned with the National Development Plan II and supports the establishment and transformation of local government through capacitated institutions, legal frameworks, policies and practices that are accountable, inclusive, and gender-equal that support the effective delivery of services which contribute to improving local service delivery and responsive governance.

JPLG/LIFT will focus on creating an enabling environment for improved service delivery and greater stability, through improved legal, policy and system frameworks. It will also support enhanced local government capacities and promote more inclusive local governance, with greater attention given to women, youth and minority groups. It is envisaged to achieve as wide coverage in Somaliland as resources and conditions allow with a comprehensive approach to assist local governments to be credible, professional service providers, increasing public investment in basic services, and strengthening, Local revenue mobilization, enhance civic awareness and participation in local decision-making and development. The strategy pursued will comprise:

Specific program outcomes are as follows:

Outcome 1:  policy and legal frameworks for decentralization, local government, service provision and land management, and local revenue generation

Outcome 2: institutionalizing Local Development Fund, local government systems, vertical and horizontal inter-government linkages and civic education initiatives.

Outcome 3: investment in public services and goods through Local Development Fund model, (LDF) and SDM direct service provision and promotion of public-private partnerships, and land and property disputes and resolution.

Throughout the Programme, strong emphasis will be placed on gender and women in local government, human rights and local governance, and good governance principles of transparency, accountability and participation.

In this context, the (Ministry of Interior) with support from the JPLG/LIFT wishes to recruit Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer Consultant in the Ministry of Interior in Somaliland, and co-located with the Regional and Districts Development Departments of The Ministry Interior, to provide support to enable efficient and accurate Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer Strategy, reporting on the activities performed by Ministry under the agreement with UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT. Under the direct supervision of the Director General and under indirect supervision by UNCDF’s LG Finance Specialist, the incumbent will have the responsibility of supporting the Ministry and its Department to produce discretional fiscal transfer reports according to the standards required by UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT, as well as support the strengthening of all Fiscal Transfer procedures to ensure appropriate documentation of all processes, to enable reporting to UNCDF as stipulated in the agreement between MOI, and  UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT.

The position is performance based.  Quarterly performance assessment of the incumbent will be conducted by Director General with support from UNCDF LG-Finance Specialist, and monthly payment is based on the delivery of the required output. The position is for an initial period of 12 Month.

III. Overall Functional Responsibilities:

The Ministry of Interior, Somaliland Republic wishes to recruit a National Expert of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer for a period of 12 months, who will provide support to the Ministry of Interior to Improve Centre-Local transfer mechanism and procedure in Capital transfer through LDF to have viable discretionary capital fiscal transfer system at the Central- local level, as well as defining systems and processes for implementation of the Local Development fund in Somaliland.

The role of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer Expert  is:

(i) Provide support and advice to the Ministry of Interior for institutionalizing LDF, and for the implementation of the Local Development Fund Policy in Somaliland, support the Ministry for the review process of the IGFT system, and support the Ministry for the development of proper Fiscal Mechanism of the Capital Fund and IGFT Policy in Somaliland.

(ii) Support the Ministry of Interior capacity building enhancement and skills transfer, assist the  Ministry  to design in appropriate intergovernmental Fiscal Mechanism, for upgrading existing   recurrent intergovernmental  fiscal transfer in Somaliland, (iii) Provide on job training Ministry’s staff and mentoring to individuals and groups about the implementation of the LDF, Fiscal Transfers, and grant system, provide Capacity building to the district Council to strengthen local public financial management, to improve the capacity of council to stipulate by laws related to the Local public financial management.

(iv) Support The Districts for Appropriate local revenue mobilization and Tax revenue study instrument and developed, Systems for expanding local government own source revenue to invest services delivery of local citizens and planning local recourses available to local government for increase of the services delivery.

(v) Support to the Ministry of Interior to prepare timeline for the Assessment of Minimum Conditions and Performance Measurement and appropriate document of the required for the assessment.

(vi) Support the Ministry of Interior to establish fiscal allocation for capital development fund and Intergovernmental fiscal transfer mechanism and proper allocation criteria and formula for the IGFT.

(vii) Provide backstop support to the ministry to develop M&E system for ensuring the provision of services delivery at the local level; and create awareness about the rising opportunity of local revenue mobilization and planning resources to maximize the service deliveries.

  1. Functions / Summary of Key Assignments:
  2. Advise the Ministry the nature and concept of Intergovernmental Fiscal appropriate to Somaliland.

The Expert will support the Ministry in:

  • Facilitate the Ministry and advice for the review of the existing recurrent IGFT and the design of the LDF in Somaliland.
  • Facilitate consultations among key players the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer process both at the center and local level in order to collect their individual or institutional views on the nature of the intergovernmental Fiscal transfer that is appropriate for Somaliland.
  • Produce a report on behalf of the Ministry of Interior for their use to continue consultations within Ministries, local authorities and with donor agencies
  1. Advise the Ministry putting in place an intergovernmental fiscal policy Mechanism in Somaliland.

The Expert will support the Ministry of Interior  in defining:

  • Support Ministry for setting goals and strategic objectives in the structure of the recurrent intergovernmental Fiscal in Somaliland.
  • Support the ministry in defining the key institutions both at the center and local levels, the laws related IGFT to the Central Government and local authorities. • Facilitate and assist the Ministry for defining the key outputs of IGFT policy, and Implementation appropriate IGFT policy.
  1. Advise the Ministry for putting in place a legal to guide implementation of IGFT policy.

The Expert will support the Ministry of Interior:

  • Review existing laws governing the recurrent intergovernmental fiscal transfer in Somaliland.
  • Building consensus among stakeholders on key principles on which to base the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer law.
  • Conductingconsultations among key stakeholders especially sector ministries.
  • Drafting the law of Fiscal by the Office of the Attorney General
  • Debating and passing of the law by the Legislature.
  1. Assist the Ministry in developing systems and processes for implementation of IGFT policy.

The Expert will support the Ministry in developing the following key pillars of IGFT:

  • Advise the Ministry for the allocation system and criteria of equalization mechanism of fiscal transfer in Somaliland and the relationship between the central government and the local government
  • Facilitate the Ministry’s in the administrative decentralization. The powers of local councils to define their local structures and hire personnel to fill approved positions within the council. The system of human resource development and management at the local level.
  • Advice the Ministry’s the powers of local councils to enact their local laws (as long as they do not conflict with existing national laws) and the process of enacting a fiscal local law.
  1. Creating awareness about the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer policy. The national Expert will support the Ministry of Interior in:
  • Provide advice to the Ministry for Developing a national sensitization and training programme.
  • Advise the Ministry for putting in place an implementation fiscal policy of the national sensitization and training programme

IIV. Monitoring and Progress Controls

– The National Expert of Intergovernmental Fiscal transfer will work under the overall supervision of the Accountant General & Director General Ministry of Interior and with technical support from the JPLG.

-The National Expert on Intergovernmental Fiscal transfer will submit monthly and quarterly reports on the implementation of this assignment to the Director General Ministry of Interior who are in turn will share the reports with the UNCDF/JPLG/LIFT.

  1. Deliverable
  • A report on stakeholders consultations on Intergovernmental Fiscal decentralization policy
  • Assist the Ministry for the Intergovernmental Fiscal decentralization policy in Somaliland.
  • Assist the Ministry for the Development of the law on Fiscal decentralization.
  • A proposed programme to conduct Intergovernmental Fiscal decentralization sensitization and training in Somaliland
  • Demonstrate integrity by molding work values and ethical standards in carrying out this assignment
  • Promote the vision, mission and strategic goals of the Ministry of Finance and Accountant General
  • Display cultural, gender, ethnic, clan, race, religion and age sensitivity

Functional competencies:

  • Experience in local government and public administration.
  • Working experiences with local, regional and central government is required
  • Good coordination and communication skills
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) required
  • Innovativeness and ability to work with minimum supervision

VII. Recruitment Qualification:


  • University Degree in Social Sciences preferably Public Administration or any other relevant local government field.
  • Candidates holding Masters in Public Administration or Business Administration with sufficient experience may be considered.
  • Additional qualifications in strategic in fiscal policy and good governance are added advantage.


  • Minimum of at least 5 years work experience in local authorities or central government institution responsible for local government, including training; one of which should have been spent in Somaliland.
  • A solid understanding of local administration in Somaliland.
  • Experience in training and capacity building for local authorities and Fiscal decentralized delivery of services to communities may be an advantage.
  • Experience in dealing with a variety of partners at all levels including government officials, civil society organizations and other national counterparts.
  • Strong communication skills

Language Requirements

  • Working knowledge of the English language and writing skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Somali

Application Instructions

Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send their applications (CV, Motivational letter and scan copy of credentials with three work related referees) to Director General MOI EMAIL Address: . And copy to UNCDF-LG-Fiscal Policy and Finance Specialist email address: Applications that do not meet the above requirements will be disregarded. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Female qualified applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline of the application is: 03th –November – 2018.

Note: “When applying this vacancy, please indicate clearly (MOI – Intergovernmental Fiscal Technical Consultant – Hargeisa) in the subject of the email.



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