Female student shot dead inside university class in Somali capital amid new violence


Gunmen shot dead a female Somali student inside a university campus in the Somali capital on Friday, the third person to be killed in the seaside city which is experiencing a new wave of attacks, officials say.

Amina Hussein, a sharia student has been shot dead inside her class after armed men infiltrated the Somalia University campus, and shot her in the head.

The horrific murder which sent shockwaves among the University students and residents in the long-chaotic Somali capital comes amid new wave of attacks that claimed the lives of at least two more people in a single day.

According to the university officials, the assailants who appeared to have had information have walked into the class, and singled out Ms. Hussein before they murdered her.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the killings and police investigations have yet to uncover the perpetrator, according to officials. The motive behind the murder remains unclear.

The latest attack comes as Mogadishu comes to terms with another shocking murder of 9 years-old school girl who has been shot dead by a government soldier who opened fire at a school bus she was travelling on this week.

Meanwhile, suspected militants have also shot dead a government soldier and a young man in separate attacks in Mogadishu.

The number of bombings in the city has decreased in recent months, thanks to a new security strategy that seen hundreds of soldiers manning security checkpoints deployed across the city, a move that officials said have prevented militants from carrying out more car bomb attacks – But there has been a wave of assassinations, many of them targeting government workers and civilians.



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