World Vision International (WVI) is an international partnership Organization that is committed to the welfare of children around the world and seeks to serve the neediest people, by working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation and seek Justice. World Vision has been working with the communities in Somaliland and Somalia since 1984 in on and off relief operations. Since 2005, World Vision established operations in Somaliland and has been working with communities in Maroodijeex, Awdal and Togdheer& Daad Madheedh regions in Humanitarian relief, Health, Education and Child Protection, Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Livelihoods, HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable children, Gender and Advocacy.
World Vision Somaliland Office intends to establish Frame Work Agreements with key vehicle owners
for the establishment of Frame Work Agreements for the Provision of Vehicle Rental Services in all District Zones of Somaliland
Interested suppliers are invited to collect a complete set of Supplier Registration Forms / documents in visiting the WVS Offices situated in the following locations and fill them in English language
Regions Sub Office Contact Person Contact Email
Awdal Boorama Abdirahman Sheikh Mouse
Todgheer Burao Hasan AwilDirir
DaadMadheedh Odweine Abdirahman H Osman
MaroodiJeex Hargeisa Abdinasir Mohamud
MaroodiJeex Hargeisa Mohamed Mohamoud Dahir

Key Requirements:
1. Duly filled in Vehicle Hire Prequalification Form in English Language with Owner’s and driver’s full details
2. Certified True Copy of all Pages of the Vehicle Ownership/Log Book with the generality of proprietors- (Certified by the Ministry of Public Works-Transport Department)
3. Road Tax Clearance Certificates
4. True Certified Copy of the driver’s license with cleared tax up to 2015 and copy of the driver’s CV
5. Very Latest Original Mechanical Inspection /Check Up Reports from a Credible Garage
6. Current Location of Vehicle within the region
7. Car Rental /Hire rates per full day hired within the named District /region expressed in USD Currency
8. The Rates MUST be inclusive of the Fuel and Driver costs
9. Valid Insurance Certificates showing what liabilities are covered-where applicable
10. Validity of the offered Prices/Rates: Prices Must remain valid up to end of September 2016

Interested and eligible bidders may, where necessary obtain further details regarding the bidding process from World Vision Somaliland Hargeisa Office which is situated adjacent to the Ambassador Hotel. Completed and sealed bids indicating tender reference numbers on the sealed envelopes are to be submitted into tender boxes placed in all the Sub Offices in Boorama, Burao, Odweine and Hargeisa and will be opened in Public on Sunday the 13th December 2015 in the presence of all bidders willing to attend

Late bids shall be rejected. Bids containing other external markings that can identify the vendor or addressed to individuals will be automatically disqualified.

Please note that World Vision Somaliland is not bound to accept any or all bids and may decide at its sole discretion to reject any or all bids without offering any explanation.
World Vision Somaliland-Central Tender Committee

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